Go Powders Go Mass 5kg Vanilla

Go Powders Go Mass 5kg Vanilla
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Raw Powders™ offers high quality Go Mass powder with flavors! What is Go Mass Powder? For people with a faster metabolism, gaining weight might be difficult. Enhancing muscle mass requires the right nutrition plan and increase in protein intake. GO MASS will help you achieve your goals and build massive and more powerful physique faster and easier! While intensively weight training, in order to ensure fast recovery, your diet has to be rich in vitamins and minerals. Due to this reason, a lot of vitamins and minerals were added to GO MASS muscle mass gainer. Also, the product contains very little fat in a form of fatty acids, which help with digestion, muscle recovery and burning fat instead of storing it. Each serving of GO MASS consists of approximately: 431 calories 30 g of high-quality protein 5 g of Branched-Chain Amino Acids BCAAs. A special blend of GO MASS muscle mass gainer is believed to speed up muscle recovery and promote metabolism, however further research is required. The delicious formula of GO MASS ensures a pleasant consumption experience. Why Go Mass Powder? Accorting to its consumers, GO MASS is a highly effective muscle mass gainer, enriching your daily diet with proteins and calories needed to build lean muscle mass. It was created to provide daily support to the muscle building and recovery processes for those who are intensively weight training and for people who struggle to put on weight. Derived from organic oats and barley, GO MASS muscle mass gainer matches the highest quality standards and nutritional profile. GO MASS is made in Ireland, from natural grass-fed cows‘ milk. It’s perfect for „Hard gainers“ – people who find it difficult to gain weight and build lean muscle mass and athletes that are intensively weight training.