Go Natural 1 kg Whey Protein Unflavoured

Go Natural 1 kg Whey Protein Unflavoured
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RAW POWDERS™ OFFERS HIGH QUALITY GO NATURAL POWDER WITH FLAVORS! WHAT IS GO NATURAL POWDER? GO NATURAL is a high-quality whey protein supplement enriching your daily diet with the substantial amount of protein. It is ideal for men and women seeking to optimize their body weight as well as daily protein and calories intake. Extracted from grass-fed cows’ milk, GO NATURAL is the purest source of protein, containing no artificial ingredients. GO NATURAL whey protein is not only super nutritious and tasty but also contains little fat and sugars, which is a huge advantage if you are trying to keep your daily diet nutritious and balanced. WHO SHOULD TAKE GO NATURAL? GO NATURAL whey protein is beneficial for everyone who is into fitness and healthy lifestyle. Each serving of precisely composed GO NATURAL whey protein provides you with 24 g of protein and over 5 g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) needed to ensure your fitness goals. GO NATURAL is an optimal food supplement for you whether you want to keep a balanced diet, lose some weight, maintain or grow muscles. WHAT IS IT SO SPECIAL ABOUT GO NATURAL? There are two different options of GO NATURAL whey protein: flavored and unflavored. The unflavored option is good for people who enjoy experimenting with whey protein: adding protein powder to smoothies, trying protein bake recipes, mixing it with various fruits and berries, sweetening it with honey or jam. For those, who enjoy the traditional flavored option of whey protein, GO NATURAL offers a variety of different tastes: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.