GlycerGrow 2, Unflavored - 234 grams

GlycerGrow 2, Unflavored - 234 grams
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Controlled Labs
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  • Intracellular nutrient/electrolyte delivery,
  • Cell Volumization,
  • Vascularity,
  • Growth,
  • Recovery,
  • Intensity,
  • Improve thermoregulation and endurance. GlycerGrow 2 is a simple and effective cell volumizer. GlycerGrow 2 combines a proprietary and synergistic blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients to increase cell volume, aid the osmotic effects of creatine, and enhance the natural anabolic responses of weightlifting. When combined with a high protein/moderate carbohydrate diet, and a solid workout protocol, this product helps give the user increased gains in size, strength and vascularity. During a cutting (calorie deficit/fat loss) phase, GlycerGrow 2 can be stacked with Red Acid Reborn and Green MAGnitude to keep workout intensity levels high. GlycerGrow 2 may also help minimize cramping. As an added bonus, GlycerGrow 2 appears to have little impact on insulin and blood sugar levels. During a bulking (calorie surplus) phase, GlycerGrow 2 can be stacked with Green MAGnitude and White Flood for extreme pumps and to optimize your lean gains. GlycerGrow 2 may also enhance your extreme stretching protocol. During a bodybuilding or fitness-related contest preparation phase, GlycerGrow 2 can be used to help improve vascularity as well as maintain both workout intensity and electrolyte balance, which may help reach the muscle hardness, fullness, and density needed to win. During endurance training, GlycerGrow 2 may help to improve hydration and stamina. During power-lifting training, GlycerGrow 2 may improve explosiveness, recovery, and conditioning, helping to avoid the symptoms of over-training. WHAT KIND OF GLYCEROL IS IN GLYCERGROW 2 GlycerGrow 2 utilizes the newest form of glycerol that yields at least 65% concentrations of glycerol compared to the older form of glycerol called glycerol monostearate which was a much smaller concentration. This means you get a lot more glycerol per gram of GlycerGrow 2 that you take than the original version had. Because the dosage is now smaller so are the bottle and the price. WHAT WILL GLYCERGROW 2 DO FOR ME? Taking glycerol in supplemental form quickly improves hydration and the absorption of other supplements that are taken with it. The end result is faster delivery of nutrients when and where you need them the most and the prolonged “pump effect” during your workouts. WHY ARE THERE CALORIES AND CARBOHYDRATES IN GLYCERGROW 2? Glycerol is a carbohydrate and therefore has calories, albeit relatively few.