Glucosamine 1000mg 90 tablets

Glucosamine 1000mg 90 tablets
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Why did we create this product?
LAB Series Glucosamine 1000mg are for users who wish to recover from physical movement of their body, especially joints. Glucosamine is produced naturally in humans. The natural ageing process and some trauma can restrict the body’s ability to replenish glucosamine stores. For this reason, some people find supplementation to be beneficial, especially those who like to remain active. 


What are the benefits of Glucosamine 
  • High potency, convenient tablet format
  • Glucosamine is naturally occurring products in the body
  • Contributes to healthy collagen and cartilage formation for skin and joints


    What does the product contain? 
    • Glucosamine Sulphate from shellfish - Glucosamine is a naturally occurring product in the human body and is primarily found in the fluids surrounding joints. As we age levels deplete, therefore we need to find a dietary source to increase levels. 

    Active Ingredients Per Tablet - Glucosamine 2KCL providing – 1000mg, Other Ingredients: Micro Crystalline Cellulose (Bulking Agent), Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Glycerine, Carnauba wax (Glazing agent), Magnesium Stearate (Anti-Caking Agent), Titanium Dioxide (Colourant).