Fushi Organic Calendula Oil

Fushi Organic Calendula Oil
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Brand: Fushi
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Fushi Organic Calendula Oil is an excellent oil to have handy at all times for its immense anti-inflammatory properties and healing action. A very soothing oil, it offers antiseptic properties, can be used for inflamed and itchy skin conditions as well as applied topically on infections, burns and irritations to the skin. It promotes cell regeneration and helps reduce scars too. It’s a popular oil to use for babies. Benefits- Triple infused for 3 months on a 1:1 ratio of herb to oil- Great moisturiser that helps soothe dry and chapped skin- Rich in anti-septic and anti-microbial properties, it supports the healing of wounds, cuts, insect bites and bed sores- Supports healing itchy, dry and scaly skin conditions- Promotes cell regeneration and helps reduce scars How to Use Apply Fushi Organic Calendula Oil externally to the affected area twice daily.