Fushi Biotic Balance

Fushi Biotic Balance
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Brand: Fushi
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Fushi Biotic Balance contains beneficial bacteria which are vital for supporting many systems of the body including the digestive tract, immune system and detoxification organs such as the liver. The bacteria also produce some of the essential vitamins we need and help to make sure that pathogenic bacteria (which can cause disease and illness) are not allowed to build up in the bowel. This complex also includes fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which is a special kind of carbohydrate substance which feeds the beneficial bacteria and therefore increases their chances of surviving and thriving in the bowel. FOS thereby helps with the digestion and absorption of nutrients, detoxification, elimination and immune system function. They may also help to relieve constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders. Fushi’s nutriceuticals come completely free from added fillers, binding and bulking agents, and nasties that many mainstream brands tend to use. They are vegan friendly and professionally formulated with 100 % pure active ingredients in bio-available form for the best absorption.