Full Spectrum Lemongrass, 400mg - 60 caps

Full Spectrum Lemongrass, 400mg - 60 caps
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Brand: Swanson
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  • Full Spectrum Lemongrass from Swanson Premium
  • Features aerial parts of lemongrass
  • 400 mg herbal supplement Full Spectrum Lemongrass supplement is part of an herbal tradition that dates back centuries. Like the other herbals in the Swanson Premium Full Spectrum line, this Lemongrass dietary supplement is a 100% pure traditional herbal. Nothing fancy, just pure, high-quality lemongrass at an affordable price… something you expect from Swanson Health Products. It is sourced from its native location, tested for purity and safety and manufactured under the strictest quality controls. Carry on the herbal tradition and build the bridge of natural wellness between the past, present and future with Full Spectrum Lemongrass.