Florassist Throat Health, 30 lozenges

Florassist Throat Health, 30 lozenges
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Brand: Life Extension
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Probiotics can aid digestion, but some strains offer other health benefits. FLORASSIST Throat Health is a delicious lozenge that supports optimal throat health using unique, beneficial probiotics. Benefits at a Glance Oral probiotic BLIS K12 promotes throat health Clinically shown to help inhibit inflammation Promotes beneficial probiotic colonization Convenient spearmint and cherry flavored lozenge More facts about FLORASSIST Throat Health S. salivarius is found naturally in your throat. But this beneficial probiotic often competes with unwanted bacterial strains. So to maximize their throat health potential, each FLORASSIST Throat Health lozenge contains 20 mg of BLIS K12, delivering 2 billion colony-forming units. One lozenge a day for a healthy throat This proprietary K12 strain of S. salivarius has been shown to clinically support throat health. Once established, BLIS K12 colonies help inhibit inflammation caused by unfavorable organisms. Spearmint and cherry flavored FLORASSIST Throat Health is an innovative way to maintain the health of your throat. Try one today!