Energydots Sleepmat, Pink

Energydots Sleepmat, Pink
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Energydots
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Keep your soft comforting sleepmat with you when you go to bed. Hold it to your body or place it under your mattress or pillow. The energydot at its centre holds and continuously emits a natural soothing energy. This energy will support a natural healthy sleep pattern. It encourages your brain waves to slow from alpha to beta and then to the slower theta frequency of deep sleep. The sleepmat can be used for all ages; babies, children or adults. The organic hand-made sleepMATs are made of 67% organic brushed cotton flannel and 33% organic bamboo wadding in the centre. Your pack includes a smartDOT All electronic devices emit electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs), which can disrupt a healthy sleep pattern, so weve included a smartdot in your package. Your smartdot stops this harmful energy directly at source. Peel off the backing paper and stick one smartdot on each wireless or electronic device. It can be placed directly on your device, on or inside a device case, or inside a battery compartment. It does not need to be stuck, so long as it is secure i.e. inside a case. You can use a smartdot on any electronic or wireless device:To help everyone in your home have a good nights sleep stick the smartDOT on to your wi-Fi router and harmonise disruptive energy at source.