Endugen - 60 caps

Endugen - 60 caps
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ENDUGEN - DO YOU WANT TO BE PREPARED FOR THE MOST CHALLENGING COMPETITIONS? CHECK OUT ENDUGEN! While analysing the physical activity of both professional endurance athletes and individuals who practice recreational endurance sports, we can see that such physical effort is highly variable in nature: dynamic starts, fast changes of direction, abrupt braking and acceleration, as well as covering longer distances at different speeds during one workout intertwine and result in a high intensity workout. In such conditions, anaerobic mechanisms of obtaining energy are supplemented by aerobic conversions, which globally constitute the dominant source of energy generated by the body for the purposes of physical effort. Therefore, a properly balanced diet supplementation should include high-quality preparations for endurance athletes which ensure a high level of effectiveness of aerobic and anaerobic energy generation processes. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE, TRUST THE HIGHEST QUALITY! ENDUGEN is definitely one such product. Its ingredients were compiled in groups characterised by synergism of activity, which: Ensure stable conditions of the intracellular environment and support the mechanisms which prevent the decrease of pH resulting from the production of considerable amounts of lactic acid during physical effort. Acidic proton ions may limit both ATP production and its transport near the myofibrils, thus impairing the effectiveness of the anaerobic energy generation mechanism. Beta-alanine, sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride of phosphoric (V) acid included in ENDUGEN help maintain the stable pH of the cells and the entire body and therefore contribute to the improvement of the exercise capacity of the athletes who choose it. They have a positive impact on the aerobic energy generation mechanisms which are based on the utilisation of free fatty acids found in the spare fat deposits of the body. Research has shown that increased anaerobic exercise capacity may be caused by L-arginine (included in ENDUGEN in the form of L-arginine α-ketoglutarate (2, 3)) or the Korean ginseng extract (4, 5). Also capsaicin (6) and both pure caffeine and extended-release caffeine, found in guarana extract, may also improve endurance during physical activity. They support the functioning of the nervous system and help maintain a high speed of brain signals, while delaying fatigue. Research has proven (7, 8), that these properties are found in taurine, which is also included in ENDUGEN. It synergistically combines its activity with other ingredients which also have similar effects, i.e. magnesium (in the form of Albion amino acid chelate), vitamin B2, niacin and vitamins B6 and B12. ENDUGEN A composition of carefully selected plant extracts, enriched with a powerful dose of beta-alanine and sodium bicarbonate - ingredients which have been used for a long time in exclusive products, which improve the endurance and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max). This is recommended for the most demanding athletes, particularly endurance sports competitors whose excellent physical performance is the difference between losing and winning. The product should be used before and during the highly strenuous sports events and during more intensive workouts (training camps, boot camps, training sessions). ENDUGEN - DISCOVER THE REAL POSSIBILITIES OF YOUR BODY!