Dr. Strum's Intensive Bone Formula - 300 caps

Dr. Strum's Intensive Bone Formula - 300 caps
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Special Purpose Bone Formula Dietary Supplement Strong bones are essential for an active, healthy lifestyle, especially as you age. Unfortunately, hormonal changes and other age-related factors result in an inevitable loss and degradation of bone tissue unless you take proactive steps to support bone health. For the first time, Life Extension members will now have access to a state of the art bone health formula previously available only to patients of renowned oncologist and prostate cancer specialist Dr. Stephen B. Strum. This formula is for individuals who need ultra-potent nutritional support for bone health. Potassium citrate favorably affects bone mineral density through a unique calcium-sparing process in the body, increasing the availability of calcium necessary for bone remodeling Scientific research on extracts of the Ayurvedic herb Cissus quadrangularis indicates that it possesses potent bone health-promoting properties, including support for bone generation, healing, and strengthening capabilities. Very few formulas contain this plant-based bone defender. This unique formula also supplies a patented form of calcium called DimaCal that exhibits significantly better absorption than other calcium supplement options. In addition to vitamin D3—the optimally bioactive form of vitamin D—the new Intensive Bone Formula also delivers a long-acting form of vitamin K. While vitamin D’s role in supporting healthy calcium distribution to bone tissue is well-established, few people know of the equally critical need for vitamin K to transport calcium from the bloodstream into the bone. Together, these two vitamins help maintain youthful calcium musculoskeletal distribution throughout the body. Also included are the citrate forms of magnesium and zinc for exceptional bioavailability, and boron to support the bone matrix as it undergoes already-normal growth and turnover