Doisy & Dam Dark Truffles, 144gr

Doisy & Dam Dark Truffles, 144gr
Categories: vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Doisy & Dam
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We’ve added a twist to our best-selling dark chocolate truffles by giving them a smooth salted caramel center. Irresistibly melt-in-the-middle, these are a Christmas crowd pleaser.Our smoother-than-smooth truffles. Melty, creamy, 100% delicious. We’ve reimagined a well-known classic, made it vegan and without the palm oil, and only added awesomeness. Shelled with a soft centre and finished off with a pinch of salt, these chocolate truffles are the ultimate treat and leave you wanting more.Made from natural ingredients only, Vegan Society certified and sustainably sourced 60% cocoa.IngredientsCocoa mass, sugar, coconut fat, cocoa butter, salt, emulsifier (soya lethicin), natural flavour, vanilla beans.Made in a facility that handles milk, gluten, nuts, peanuts and sesame.