Chyavanaprasha - 500 grams

Chyavanaprasha - 500 grams
Categories: Minerals, Antioxidant
Brand: Himalaya
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For Energy, Well-Being and Immune Support! Chyavanaprasha, a 2,000 year-old recipe, is one of the oldest recorded superfood formulas used in traditional Ayurveda. It has been safely and effectively used for years to help promote youthfulness of mind and body, physical vigor and emotional vitality. Himalaya’s Chyavanaprasha helps support proper immune system function and provides overall well-being. It rejuvenates and nourishes your body, provides energy and vitality, with better digestion and metabolism. Chyavanaprasha’s adaptogenic and antioxidant properties have made it one of the cornerstones of traditional herbalism.