Choline-Inositol 450/450mg - 60 caps

Choline-Inositol 450/450mg - 60 caps
Brand: Zein Pharma
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Choline has similarities to the B complex vitamins and within this context it is also called vitamin B4. Choline-rich foods are increasingly associated with liver function, homocysteine and lipid metabolism, so that the health significance of this natural product also increasingly attracts the interest of scientific research. Inositol is also called “muscle sugar” because of its sweet taste. This vital substance gets involved in many metabolic processes was and in the past it was classified as vitamin B8. However, since the body can produce small amounts of inositol itself, it is officially no longer classified as a vitamin.

  • Vegetarian capsules containing choline-inositol of high purity
  • Suitable for vegan / vegetarian lifestyle
  • Well tolerated and highly bioavailable
  • Optimal choline-inositol ratio of 1:1
  • Highly-dosed