Chelated Magnesium, 200mg - 60 caps

Chelated Magnesium, 200mg - 60 caps
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Brand: Haya Labs
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Haya Labs developed Chelated Magnesium especially for active people and athletes under lots of stress and mental pressure! This is a high-quality product with carefully dosed magnesium quantities which gives you the necessary daily dose of the vital mineral and also boosts the metabolic and restorative powers of the body. Benefits: Supports normal heart-rate Reduces muscle spasms Improves muscle function Promotes brain activity Decreases stress levels Supports normal metabolic function Supports the recovery in cases of stress and mental pressure Magnesium is a natural metal - an important chemical element for muscles and the human body’s nervous system. It is mostly deposited in bones, teeth, heart, kidneys, red blood cells and brain. It is an essential mineral as it supports normal growth and helps for the activation of various enzymes. Bodily organs like the heart, skeletal muscles and bones need enough magnesium in order to function well. Magnesium also supports the oxidation of fatty acids, neurotransmissions, immune system as well as the activation of the amino acids. The lack of magnesium may lead to muscle spasms, headache, chest pain, constipation, problems when swallowing, photosensitivity, insomnia, anxiety, and other problems. Chelated Magnesium adds to the current magnesium levels and helps prevent such symptoms.