Casein 100, Vanilla - 600 grams

Casein 100, Vanilla - 600 grams
Categories: Vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Trec Nutrition
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High Performance Slow Digestion Anti-Catabolic Protein Decreases Muscle Breakdown!

  • The world’s best slowly absorbed protein
  • Rich in anti-catabolic amino acids
  • Pure micellar casein CASEIN 100 contains 100% micellar casein, which is a model source of full-value proteins which offer beneficial extended absorption time. The product guarantees that your muscles will receive supplies of all the essential amino acids, including BCAA and L-Glutamine that will last for many hours. CASEIN 100 protects you from post-workout and night-time catabolism, stimulates recovery and development of muscle tissue. THE WORLD’S HIGHEST QUALITY CASEIN 100 is the world’s best and richest source of slowly absorbed proteins! Compared with other similar supplements, CASEIN 100 contains nothing but the finest and most exclusive pure micellar casein without the addition of other cheaper and less effective forms of this protein. We are offering you a one-of-a kind product, whose excellent composition and quality outclass ordinary casein supplements. And all this to ensure your muscles get protection and optimum conditions for regeneration and growth, hour after hour. UNIQUE PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY CASEIN 100 contains pure micellar casein - the most active form of casein, naturally occurring in milk. CASEIN 100 is produced using a technologically-advanced microfiltration process which does not use unnecessary chemicals and aggressive factors degrading protein structures, in contrast with cheap caseinate production methods. In an acidic environment, at high temperatures and in the presence of certain chemicals, the delicate structure of casein micelles becomes destabilised and is irreversibly damaged. Proteins essential for muscles lose many important properties, and their absorption in the digestive system is reduced, decreasing their nutritional value. The production of micellar casein occurs under very mild conditions and does not affect the delicate micellar structure. They are isolated from milk through a multistage physical filtration using special microporous membranes. This allows for the concentration and purification of casein micelles, and separation from other milk constituents. As a result these proteins, invaluable for your muscles, are intact, rich in growth factors, and free from impurities. Advanced technology used in the production of CASEIN 100 helps obtain a superior product, almost completely free from fat and lactose, containing highly concentrated pure casein proteins in their most effective, natural form. ANTI-CATABOLIC POWER OF MICELLAR CASEIN CASEIN 100 is a protein supplement with an unrivalled anti-catabolic power, guaranteeing lasting and systematic supply of all key