Brain Feed Relax - Natural Theanine, 30 Capsules

Brain Feed Relax - Natural Theanine, 30 Capsules
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L-theanine and Suntheanine is synthetically manufactured using a racemic of ethylamine and l-glutamine. The theanine in our high strength 250mg capsules is extracted from organic green tea in the mountainous region of Huan Province in South Central China. We keep it as pure as possible so you won’t find additives such as lemon balm whose mechanism of action, ability to cross the blood brain barrier or synergistic benefit is unknown.Each capsule contains the same amount of theanine found in 15-20 cups of tea.Theanine aids relaxation without sedation and is ideal for anybody looking to unwindIngredientsNatural theanine (green tea isolate) 99%, vegetable cellulose capsule, bulking agent rice flour Directions For UseTake 1-2 capsules per day.