ArthroMax Elite - 30 vegetarian tabs

ArthroMax Elite - 30 vegetarian tabs
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Brand: Life Extension
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Inflammation plays a large role in joint comfort and connective tissue health. ArthroMax Elite is our most advanced joint health formula. It combines three botanical extracts that promote a healthy inflammatory response in your joints, support healthy cartilage tissue, and encourage easy, comfortable joint function. Benefits at a glance: Newly reformulated once-daily joint health formula Now with 650 mg of proprietary botanical blend Triple action phytonutrient support for joint comfort Inhibits pro-inflammatory factors in your joints Helps support and maintain healthy cartilage levels ArthroMax Elite is the only place you’ll find these three botanical ingredients in a single supplement. Help maintain youthful levels of healthy joint cartilage and promote a healthy inflammatory response in your joints with ArthroMax Elite! More facts about ArthroMax Elite Inflammation can affect the cartilage health in your joints as you age. And while there are many nutritional supplements that support bone health, very few provide potent nutritional support for healthy, comfortable joint cartilage. ArthroMax Elite combines three potent plant extracts that work together to promote a healthy inflammatory response in your joints, as well as support healthy cartilage levels in your high-impact joints and connective tissue: Chinese skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) Extract S. baicalensis extract contains a compound called baicalin which helps inhibit inflammatory factors that can affect joint health and subsequently, healthy freedom of movement. In one study measured at 30, 60, and 90 day increments, participants reported S. baicalensis combined with A. catechu extract produced significant improvement in comfort and ease of motion over placebo. White mulberry (Morus alba) Extract White mulberry extract promotes cartilage health, supports youthful joint cartilage levels, and helps inhibit inflammatory factors in joint tissue. Animal studies show that beneficial effects were enhanced when white mulberry was combined with A. catechu (Cutch tree) extract. Research also indicates that subjects taking white mulberry and A. catechu together experience declines in a specific biomarker called urinary type II collagen C-telopeptide (uCTX-II), which is important as lower levels of this compound are an indicator of healthy cartilage maintenance. Cutch tree (Acacia catechu) extract Cutch tree (A. catechu) heartwood extract promotes joint and connective tissue health in a variety of ways — and is even more potent when paired with the other two extracts in our ArthroMax Herbal Joint Formula. Together with S. baicalensis, this powerful extract supports joint comfort, ease of motion, and helped promote a healthy inflammatory response. When paired with M. alba extract, A. catechu helped inhibit 5-LOX and COX enzymes, pro-inflammatory factors which can affect joint health. Healthy joints, comfortable movement Inhibit inflammation and support healthy joint cartilage with ArthroMax Elite. Try this proprietary joint and cartilage health support supplement today!