Anti-OX Power Blend - 60 caps

Anti-OX Power Blend - 60 caps
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Brand: Olimp Nutrition
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ANTI-OX power blend - THE POWER OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE ANTIOXIDANTS IS YOUR DIET NOT IDEAL? DO YOU EAT FEW VEGETABLES AND FRUITS? DO YOU TRAIN HARD AND TRY TO BE BETTER AND BETTER? ANTI-OX power blend - YOUR INDESTRUCTABLE ANTIOXIDANT ARMOUR Moderate exercise affects our health, but if training becomes harder, greater amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS) begin to accumulate in the body causing the so called oxidative stress and disturbing the balance of our body. Very dangerous results of this process are:

  • DNA damage - which may lead to a permanent change in the genetic code of the cells
  • lipid peroxidation (lipid damage) - causing loss of cohesion of the cell membranes as a result of the oxidation of their lipid and lipoprotein fractions. This process encourages atherosclerotic plaque formation
  • damage of amino acids and proteins - causing changes in their structure and as a consequence impairment of the structure of cell elements and effectiveness of the course of biochemical reactions ANTI-OX power blend - YOUR HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT The concentration of antioxidants and enzymes participating in their removal is much lower in the muscle tissue than in other organs, e.g. in the liver. This poses an indisputable necessity of proper supplementation of the compounds with those properties, especially among physically active people. Our diet should be enriched with products based exclusively on the most effective and preferably selected antioxidants in terms of quality and quantity. PRODUCTS WITH ANTIOXIDANTS POPULAR ON THE MARKET:
  • usually monocomponents indicating low effectiveness taking into account the unilateral effect on metabolism
  • small doses of active substances and this causes the necessity to take several doses a day
  • no guarantee of expected efficacy, because they are based on low absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals such as inorganic acid salts
  • low concentration of plant extracts and lack of their standardization for a particular active ingredient content, which is equal to their quality NOW YOU HAVE ONE STRONG AND IDEALLY COMPOSED PRODUCT! DO NOT INVEST IN HALF-SPECIMENS! The basis of the efficacy of the newest product created in the OLIMP laboratories is a complex of 36 active plant components which together have an enormous antioxidant potential multilaterally effecting numerous metabolic