Ai-Dren - 120 caps

Ai-Dren - 120 caps
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Brand: Yamamoto Nutrition
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Yamamoto Nutrition presents Ai-DREN. Ai-DREN is a food supplement with a high fibre content as well as other functional ingredients. In particular, the plant extracts it contains contribute to the body’s detoxifying functions (Dandelion, Wakame), the drainage of body fluids (cranberry, cherry) and maintenance of normal urinary tract function (Lespedeza). Also, the rhubarb extract promotes regular bowel movements and digestive function. Finally, the iodine contributes to maintaining normal skin. Yamamoto Nutrition Ai-DREN is undoubtedly one of the best products in its class. The high dosage of active ingredients it contains makes it a very powerful product. Recommended for those seeking the best, without compromises! Yamamoto Nutrition Ai-DREN is a complex formula suitable for almost everyone, as well as professional athletes and those who want a product to help the drainage of body fluids! It is formulated with 11 herbal extracts and micronutrients carefully selected to work in synergy.