Active Woman - 60 tablets

Active Woman - 60 tablets
Brand: BioTechUSA
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  • 13 different vitamins and 12 minerals
  • 15 different antioxidant active ingredients
  • With natural plant extracts
  • 200 mg Vitamin C, 30 mg Q10, 400 mg Calcium and 400 mcg folic acid per serving
  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen
  • Lactose-free * and gluten-free BioTechUSA for Her was birthed to provide a complex solution for shaping for women. We wanted to create products that are sugar-free* and lactose-free*, GMO-free, without any preservatives. The active ingredients of our premium quality products will help you in making progress. It is a path that leads to the biggest treasure a woman can have: self-confidence! *In case of powders it refers to ready shakes mixed with water.