Absolution Addiction L'Huile Visage Face Oil

Absolution Addiction L'Huile Visage Face Oil
Categories: Face, Skin, Face creams, Age
Brand: Absolution
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Absolution Addiction L’Huile Visage Facial Oil envelopes your skin in moisture for a soft, supple texture and a smooth complexion. Featuring a powerful blend of 27 botanical oils, it repairs damage, balances moisture levels and defends your skin against environmental aggressors. Used on its own, or mixed with your Absolution face cream, you will experience transformative results. For dryness, irritation, discomfort or dull complexion, this all-in-one face care product can be used in all seasons, day and night. Its non-greasy texture, delicious fragrance and its many benefits will make it your ‘must-have’ skin essential.