AAKG - 120 tablets

AAKG - 120 tablets
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Brand: SAN
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Nitric Oxide Booster - Increase Protein Synthesis & Decrease Catabolism

  • Helps increase muscle building (protein synthesis)
  • Helps to decrease muscle breakdown (protein catabolism)
  • Supports insulin secretion, assisting the uptake of amino acids & glucose in the muscle cells AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) is a potent and renowned nitric oxide booster with a long history proven results that you can both see and feel. Consisting of two Arginine molecules bonded to one Alpha-Ketoglutarate molecule in a perfect 2:1 ratio, SAN’s AAKG increases vasodilation (opening of blood vessels) which helps deliver more oxygen and performance-enhancing nutrients directly to your muscles. Plus, it the increased blood flow delivers extraordinary muscle pumps that not only motivate you but add muscle-building potential to your workouts. Research has shown that supplementing with AAKG assists with increased protein synthesis (anabolism), helps decrease protein breakdown (catabolism), and supports healthy insulin secretion, thus assisting in the uptake of amino acids and glucose into muscle cells. These are basic muscle-building and strength-boosting fundamentals. Many AAKG users also experience notable increases in strength and muscle fullness during weight training. SAN’s AAKG is a premium and simple-to-use yet highly efficient nitric oxide booster and precursor that helps power your body through your toughest workouts while reducing muscle breakdown, increasing lean muscle mass, and providing a skin-stretching muscle pump.