100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Cleanser

100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Cleanser
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Brand: 100% Pure
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100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Cleanser is rich in enzymes, amino acids, malic acid, minerals and vitamins to brighten, gently exfoliate, and deeply soften skin. Benefits- Brightening face cleanser for glowing skin- Washes away makeup and other impurities without stripping or dehydrating- Gently exfoliates and deeply softens the skin- Lessens the appearance of dark spots and discolouration- Lightweight in texture, it leaves skin clean, refreshed and radiant Key Ingredients- Licorice soothes and brightens the skin- Sake moisturises the skin and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots- Pineapple tones and softens the complexion- Papaya promotes skin renewal- White Mulberry improves the appearance of uneven skin tone Skin TypesSuitable for all skin types. How to UseShake bottle. Squeeze a hazelnut-sized amount of 100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Cleanser to wet konjac sponge, wet facial cleansing brush, or directly onto wet face and neck. Gently and thoroughly massage in circular motions. Rinse with warm water.